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Sri Lanka in WAR, Sad.. But whats the Difference Between LTTE vs Sri Lanka Army forces November 21, 2008

Posted by sandakith in Uncategorized.

LTTE alway push their front defense with very young girls when ever they are in defense mode..

Tribute to SL Forces .. May all the courage & blessing be with you..

I ll leave it you to imagine .. scenario vise versa..

Thats all ..



1. mira - December 1, 2008

hi, just wondering these are pictures of srilankan gov soldiers and tamil girls right? If so I think this explains perfectly the difference between the terrorists and us. Thank you very much for putting this out. when here in america, and globally lot of people believe the government is always the bad guy. keep posting. good work. may thw war be over soon

2. sandakith - December 1, 2008

SL gov Soldiers and LTTE * (converted tamil girls) *..
We all agree.. all Tamil guys and girls are innocent before they pushed in to terrorism by LTTE. And we all like to live in harmony in this gem island.. that why war ..

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