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Pursuit Of Happyness May 31, 2007

Posted by sandakith in films.
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I was wondering what will be the best post to start my new web blog started at WordPress for some days now. Well today I thought because of being a full moon PoyaDay (Holiday) maybe I need to take break and watch a movie. In that thought I remembered that there were couple of movies with me given by one of my friends (SanjayaR) , early this week. While searching them also came to mind that when renting one of the movies he said you should watch this one. So that film was Pursuit Of Happyness. Yeah ! its with Italic Y..

So with no hesitation, because of the recommendation I start watching it. Well its started highlighting “Inspired by a True Story” (spectator boost, cool.. this will be a good one, well at lest it was happened to some one). I was more keen to know what was all this about more than anything, not knowing anything about it. (never heard about it, no advertisements, no web searches etc.., Ideal way to start it, ). So next thing I saw was Starring “Will Smith”, well one of my favorites, But After iRobot I am yet to see a good one form him, so just though this might be it.

For the next two hours I was stick to the Laptop with the SanDisk ear phones. During that two hours, I learned a life story. Because of there were plenty of time to think in between watching the film, I was fascinated about what I have been thinking and learning. After a drought of not being able to see a good one,I was very happy at last after the movie. Well no need to say more about it, go find it and watch it, also remember to think in between.

Final comment about Will Smith, At the end I was much satisfied how mature presenter he is now. I felt that he should be given academy awards for this. (Actually he was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role Oscar , wow ).

This is it…, first entry in the right direction, Pursuit of Hapyness. I will always remember those words by Thomas Jefferson , while Smith turning the Rubik Cube.

More to come.